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Thursday, May 29, 2014


( Rarely we get a great literary work...a true piece of art. Our writers present the best literary work...Poems,Stories,Articles etc., to our respected readers . The following is a very beautiful Poem with a great message and we thank Ms. Shobhana Nair to give us a chance to publish it.) New World
Life and deathLife is given to the lucky souls
Who promise to cherish;
And when distresses bog you down
Do let negative thoughts perish!

Life may lead down an empty path
And render us, at times, alone
But at the end of every stretch,
We find that we have grown.

It's good to have dreams and goals
But life has much more to give
Let's not dwell in dreams so much
That we forget how to live.

What the world deems wrong
May be correct and true;
For one man's poison
May turn into meat for you.

When you feel you need to go
I'll open the world for you to see
And when you've had your fill
Promise you'll come back to me.

Search always for the truth
Be honest in all you do;
Because a lie can cost your sleep
But not if you were good and true.

And when Death comes calling
Face it without fear;
Recollect the life you had
And welcome it without a tear.

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