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Thursday, May 15, 2014



The feather flutter gently through the air,
It dances in modesty not in vain as it dare
Is this like the love; not forlorn ever to lure
Or a love that is sublime, ethereal and pure?
As I whisper to you today sweet-nothing
Smiles and laughter as the bells ringing
Where are you yesterday and tomorrow
Missed you as the sunrise, bow and arrow!
Did I whisper to you how precious you are?
Not only as rubies, emeralds and jades
But a rare diamond with a lustre shade
Less than opal that I kept at the gates!
Did I tell you that you are a treasure?
Not only of warmth and O' cest amour'
A sparkle in the sky out of somewhere
A rarity in spring, fall, cold and summer!
How I wish that one day, you discern
The unfathomable depths of the rain
As it falls on the lush, bountiful terrain
Of my love, ever true and shy to wane!
All rights reserved: Cynthia Abegail
(Really a sweet poem Cynthia) New World

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