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Wednesday, May 7, 2014


This is a love poem dedicated to our
valued readers, young and old alike!


The nightingale perched on the everglades,
Teased me with a chirp as I blush and wade
My beloved sent me a note via brown bits
I thought he forgot, missed a day... O' fine!
I asked myself, "Why you of all people," yet
Even me could not decipher the folly of heart
It just beat that way, don't ask me why and what?
Reason it refuse, quite bothering yet full of bliss!
I turned again and whisper to this flickering heart?
What's the matter, did you never think at the dart,
The heart replied, "Why are you asking the same
Question all over and all over again, I was stunned!
Now I know, it's the wonder of you in all situations,
I could never get you angry, O' so patient and true!
Is there a still a man like that, Yes my dear friends
I will tell you a tale not a fable, this man is here!
Where is he, that wonder of a man, they asked me,
That is the problem, I could not tell you now, really
Probably later, it's not proper at this very moment,
What I know is that he is real, the dream to lent!
You're so sweet, so gentle--- affable and many more,
My heart will sway, my life will change, will it?
The wonder, the precious jewel far, far beyond---
With a mind like King Solomon, who is this man?
Are you a product of my mind or passion
The reality never lies, the truth surfaces
As the nightingle swoops down on laces,
Then I touched the feathers in a daze...
All rights reserved: Cynthia Abegail

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