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Thursday, May 8, 2014


Somewhere in the south of this beautiful country
lies a river that cuts a village from a primary school.
The children who studies in this school come from
very poor families who can barely provide for their
daily meals. They rely on the produce of a small
farm which is not even their own. They also raise
few chickens, but due to the rising cost of feed, they
try to find other ways to feed them.

On the other hand, the children loves to go to school
which is located just across the Timbun River. Once,
a Good Samaritan visited this area and his eyes just
burst with tears! He saw children swimming across
the river to attend the school. They bring their clothes
in a secure plastic bag and they push it as they are
swimming. What a sight!

The person who saw this was just having a holiday.
He was so much touched by what he saw that he
publish their plight. Soon, donations flood in and
he was able to raise sufficient amount for more than
one boat. With a golden heart, he donated the boat to
the community. Now the children are safe in going
to school. Thanks to this person who acted on what he
saw and graces to the people who donated from their

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