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Friday, May 2, 2014



There are myriad of things we like to do! Most people like
to travel around the world, I am not exempted. How beautiful
the gondolas in Venice; I imagine myself rowing the boat and
just savouring the scent of this romantic city. We may not be
as young as before but when you visit Venice, you will feel
like an eighteen-year old blooming in love.

How I love to gaze at the Amazon, a long, long river that seems
not to end. Look at the verdant green rainforests teeming with
a variety of wild and gentle animals aside from the thousands of
species of plants.

How about Paris? They say that this is the most romantic city
in the world. I am learning French, such a sweet and beautiful
language. The Eiffel Tower seems to bring memories of good
old days.

One maybe thinking of living in a new place far from the hundrum
of the busy city life or you may like to leave that old style of living
that is now quite boring or stale!

So many things raced my mind; I like to write a book, learn
Greek and Hebrew... but wait---have I consulted my Lord?
O' No! I was planning all these things by myself and I forgot
the most important God of my life. Have I let my Lord enter
my comfort zone and just surrender my will to His will?

Here I am again, very independent, cosy and just all over
the place. God, I think likes us to have an orderly and peaceful
life. O' I crammed again my life with so many things. I just love
to do these things. Lord, I surrender my will to you. But please,
let me write!

Cynthia Abegail

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