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Monday, May 12, 2014


Roman is a well-accomplished lawyer from one of the most prestigious university in the city.
She has a fiancee whose name is Jacinta, a bubbly teacher of the humanities.  They were
greatly in love and was planning to get married the following autumn.

The huldrum of winter is getting into Roman.  He has a very important case and he always feels tired.
One day, he fainted out of fatigue and her mother rushed him to the nearby hospital.  As he woke up,
her Mum and fiancee were at his bedside.

"Jacinta, love, what happened," asked Roman.  Jacinta replied, "You fainted in the patio and the
doctor asked you to rest."  Roman gushed, "Oh no, I have a special case to defend!  Jacinta said,
"Quiet, your health is more important.  They took blood tests and we will get the results in a day
or two."

After a week, Jacinta invited Roman to the lake where they usually play when they were younger.
Roman obliged but he quipped, "Why did you bring me here?"  Quite strange!  Hush, said
Jacinta.  You need to relax and I brought some food for us to share.  Roman was feeling
anxious and asked, "You seem to be extra caring, what's up?"  Jacinta said, "Tomorrow may never come!"
Roman joked, "What are you talking about, we are getting married next autumn.  Jacinta's tears rolled
and Roman thought they were tears of joy.

The following summer Roman died of leukemia.  Jacinta is right, tomorrow may never come.

All rights reserved:  Cynthia Abegail

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