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Thursday, May 15, 2014



1. What is the chemical symbol of the element silver?
2. Who is the American inventor of vulcanised rubber?
3. In Greek mythology, a whirlpool off the Sicilian coast,
opposite a cave?
4. A buskin is a fragment of a Greek, Mesopotamian, Roman
or Alexandrian statue?
5. Who is the Chinese philosopher, founder of Taoism?
6. Who is the husband of the woman who looked back and
turned into salt in the Old Testament of the Scripture?
7. a squared plus b squared = c squared... Who proposed
this theorem
8. A nautical mile is almost 3, 2, 4 or 5 kilometers?
9. A person devoted to pursuit of pleasure and hdonistic is
following a __________ philosophy (9 letters)
10. Merino is a sheep originally from Italy, Ireland, Spain or


1. Ag
2. Charles Goodyear
3. Charybdis
4. Roman
5. Lao-Tse
6. Lot
7. Phytagorean
8. 2
9. Epicurean
10. Spain

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