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Thursday, May 1, 2014


1. In which country was Che Guevarra born?
2. Which carbohydrate molecule is heavier,
sucrose or glucose?
3. From what countries of origin are these
types of cheese: Brie, Parmesan and
4. "For everything there is a season" In what book
of the Old Testament is it written?
5. What was Cecil de Mille's last film?
6. Is Shanghai closer to Tropic of Capricorn or
Tropic of Cancer?
7. During the voyages in the past of Spain and
Portugal, scurvy is a common disease due
to a deficiency in Vit C. What was the root crop
used to alleviate this ailment?
8. Where does the word "video" come from?
9. What is the capital city of Ukraine?
10. Speaking of weather, is chinook a cold, hot or
mild wind?


1. Argentina
2. Sucrose
3. France, Italy and U. K.
4. Ecclesiastes
5. The Ten Commandments
6. Tropic of Cancer
7. Potatoes
8. From Latin which means "I see"
9. Kiev
10. Hot

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