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Friday, May 30, 2014



1. Tourists visiting _______ (country) should know that
tipping is an insult.
2. Ramon Magsaysay was once the President of Indonesia,
Thailand, Philippines or Singapore?
3. True or False-- Plants watered with cold water grow faster
and larger than plants watered with warm water.
4. What does the initials DD stands for in the field of studies?
5. An earthquake in US in 16 Dec 1811 caused parts of ___ river
to flow backwards.
6. In the legend of King Arthur, what kind of table are the Knights
7. To produce half a kilo of honey, bees have to collect nectar from
1, 2, 3 or 4 million of flowers?
8. Who is the most beloved brother of Joseph in the Old Testament?
9. No one can drown in what sea? It is about 25% salt.
10. Who is the famous poet who wrote Pied Beauty?
Thanks to Dr. Kuran, Ms. Gupta and Ms. Mohan for contributing
some questions for Trivia World.


1. Iceland
2. Philippines
3. False
4. Doctor of Divinity
5. Mississippi River
6. Round Table
7. 2 million
8. Benjamin
9. Dead Sea
10. Gerald Manley Hopkins

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