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Saturday, May 24, 2014



1. What was the name of the character "Lara" in
the acclaimed movie Dr. Zhivago?

2. Who was the apostle of Jesus, now the patron of
hopeless cases?

3. What mountain keep out the heat of the Sahara
in Morocco?

4. From what country is the cycling champion in
Tour de France?

5. What is the name of the islands close to the South
American country, Ecuador?

6. What is the equivalent of one atmospheric pressure
in mm Hg?

7. What is the color of the horse in the book of Apocalypse
that signified death?
*Clincher: In what country can we find Costa de la Luz?

1. Larissa
2. St Jude Thaddeus
3. Atlas Mountains
4. Australia
5. Galapagos Islands
6. 760 mm Hg
7. gray

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