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Friday, May 30, 2014



As rain relentless with a brisque wind gale,
Shoddy shoes touched the pavement' rail
A home touched by fate, shuddered wail
Towering, yet sombre and eyes of shale.

But hearts pierced by arrows; see the ram!
A living sacrifice, eyes rolling deep and wide
Behold, the grayish skin taut seem to abide
Solemn yet joyous as glimmer of hope numb.

Look at the sacred heart that bleeds of love
Touching thine soul with a balm of Gilead
Prayers heal and your lips pinkish awashed
As arms so frail splashed gently and so mild!

And face alighted with a shine unsurpassed,
Thine presence strong and power of blast
Unfailing love in the morning till the night
No doubt in our minds till sunset of blight!

Shower of rain, shower O' blessings of God,
Like the falls that flows never-ending grace
Unfailing love from above seen day by day
Eternal, abounding around us along the way!
All rights reserved: Maria Cassia Austero

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