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Saturday, May 10, 2014


The 2040s represent a "magical" time in the human future by Dick Pelletier
    During this incredible decade, powerful artificial intelligence-laden robots will at last crack the 'Singularity', a point in time when computers and robots surpass human intelligence and begin making copies of themselves with each generation becoming smarter than the last.
    This will cause an information explosion unlike anything the human race has ever experienced, and will enable human-machine interfaces with two-way intelligence transfers. Some humans will upload their consciousness, memories, and emotions into an android replica of themselves; others will transfer computer intelligence directly into their nano-neuron-enhanced brains.
    People who choose either of these enhancements will end up with a powerful fast-thinking brain that uses superhuman logic, and an amazing body boasting an indefinite lifespan. We will enjoy unimaginable abilities in vision, hearing, smell, taste, and touch, along with new senses, such as the magnetic sense that birds possess, and the ability to "feel" future events before they happen.
    We will be wonderfully artistic creative beings with the universe at our disposal to explore and experience. One can share in a group consciousness with all humanity, or communicate privately with a single person. Any experience can be shared including emotions and sensory intensity.
    We will truly exist in a paradise world with driverless cars, scramjets, robot assistants, and nano replicators providing creature comforts we can only dream of today. Some believe that because of a better understanding of consciousness, humans hurting humans will become impractical.
    Will this future happen? Most future followers believe it will happen and many alive today have an excellent chance of surviving to experience this "magical" time.
   The trick is to maintain good health today until technologies can come to our rescue. The next 2 years, 2014-to-2015 will be the most dangerous; the following 5 years, 2015-to-2020 will prove more technology-friendly with predicted success in stem cell research and gene therapies.
    Then, during the 2020s, molecular nanotech will be further developed and life will become immeasurably better. Should we make it to the 2030s; we're almost home. Comments welcome.

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