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Saturday, June 28, 2014

A FRIEND OR A SAINT/Cynthia Abegail's Column


It was almost dusk and four sisters were running
to that wooden house by the corner of the creek.
They were my neighbours and I could not help
to ask them, "Is there any fire or something, why
are you all rushing? The eldest Leslie panted,
"Don't you know that Dad has a curfew for us?"
I sighed, "No wonder, their Dad is a retired Colonel
in the army; the children has to bear this domestic
martial law."

Well, these four sisters really intrigues me. There is
Salome, the youngest who has cat-like eyes and
white porcelain complexion. She had just broken up
with her boyfriend who was a seminarian, a guy whom
she loved so much. Look at Katrina, the dark-complexioned
lady whom they tease "Miss Aruba," who fell for that
teenager who always stand by in Ms. Cruz's store. I wonder
what she saw in that guy, he drinks a lot and puffs cigarettes
like balloons. I never miss to praise Charry, that girl who
has deep set eyes and kind demeanor; she fell for that
guy who is a whiz but nevertheless has many girls at
the same time. How about Leslie? She is the quiet, reserved
lady who has an IQ of 150 that I always blush when I remembered
my IQ. Oh! no... I am not really on the borderline of a moron,
maybe above average, excuse me!

On the other hand, I would like to focus on Charry. When she was
young, she told me that she plans to be a nun, not ordinary... the one
in the convent who never goes out but prays only. I am quite close
to God, too but maybe not this heavy! I like to savour the earth that
He has provided for us. But Charry... she always gives food for the
beggars that pass by in the afternoon. She even gives the food that
she is about to eat. Mind you, she would get up early and on her knees,
pray for all of us, including all the neighbors.

Meanwhile, at the age of seventeen, she met Andre, a charismatic teen
with willowy eyes. At that point, I think she forgot her cherished dream!
They fell in love and after a year, she got married. I am not so disappointed,
because marriage is a gift of God.

After five years of marriage, Andre went for an overseas job. Everything goes
well until one day, she received a letter that Andre decided to leave her for
another girl in his workplace. How she grieved! She cried day and night
because Andre is her first love. She always sob on my shoulders and I
consoled her as best as I could. I know how painful it is to be betrayed by
a loved one.

After another five years, she was becoming more and more happy... she starts
to smile and laugh at my jokes. We always shop in vintage centres, I mean
window shopping! But how did she manage to run her family?

Charry bore the responsibility of raising their three children with small support
from their wayward father. She never lost hope...until her daughter graduated
as an engineer and her two sons became computer specialists.

For me, she is a true saint. She accepted the will of God for her. In suffering and
anguish in life, she did not despair.
"At the end of the tunnel, there is always light."
Moral :  Never lose hope, for one of our enemies is "despair." Utter loss of hope
meant lack of trust in Almighty God. The one who perseveres is the one
who is victorious!

**Cynthia's advice is great.Never lose hope.God Almighty will always help us.
Move on with trust. Thanks Cynthia for this wonderful story.
(New World)

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