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Sunday, June 15, 2014


When I told my superior that I plan to travel, he quipped "I thought you just have gone
there about four times already and this is the fifth time. I replied, "Well, you know that
I love to travel and there is just a special occasion this time." In the future, I like to visit
America, Israel, France, Spain and Italy! "May I know why those places, please?"
I responded, "America seems mysterious to me, Israel is where Jesus walked, The Lourdes
is in France, Spain is the birthplace of grandma and Italy is one of the centres of Christianity!
He said, "Reasonable! Best wishes to your coming trip."

There was a thunderstorm before the plane took off and the flight was delayed by about
an hour. This rings a bell to me; there were three strong typhoons before in the place where I
was going. O' thanks, the weather became fine...

We arrived late already and my sisters and relatives were just elated! I was already drowsy of
sleep but I managed to smile a lot and laugh at their jokes. It was about four hours trip to
the city near the Subic port; you could just imagine my fatigue with excitement.
A day before the wedding, my son hosted us at Yacht Club Hotel just for a night. It is by the
bay and many yachts of rich people were near the shore. What a beautiful view of skyline
and clear water with scented breeze! I am not really rich but you will feel rich here because
the staff thought you are! Funny! At least I felt rich overnight...

At last, the wedding day arrived! It seems to be a battle of the beauties, the groom's family and the bride's family were just full of glamor, from the flower girls to the bride and groom. Then,
Fr. said, "You may kiss the bride for the first time."

A video pictorial before the wedding was shown at the reception. Many were giggling because my son had kissed the bride already about five times before and my in-law quipped, "I thought first time only!"

I smiled abashedly!

It was a beautiful day for all! They went on a honeymoon in an island afar and we went
to a province where the Miraculous Statue of the Virgin is. Along the way, after the overflowing
joy from the wedding, I saw the aftermath of the three typhoons! Houses tumbled, banana
trees scattered, bamboos folded, tombs broken... an utter damage beyond understanding!
How much more during that night of chaos and ruins... Teary eyed for the country of my
legacy, I try to calm myself. We passed close to the dam that people try to overflow
that night to prevent it's rupture. Our guide told us, "This bridge was full of water,
later the frontal beam collapsed at that time." Sadness overcame me and I pondered these
things in my heart.

We arrived at the popular pilgrim place visited by several hundreds of people a day and even
thousands on feast days. There was an aura of holiness in this place; just a remarkable
site with a gigantic church! I thought that God's ways are mysterious! The calamity came
close to this wonderful place of prayer and devotion.
O' Lord, how inscrutable are your ways! "But, my simple prayers and petitions... I hope will rise like an incense to your throne!"

All rights reserved: Cynthia Abegail

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