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Wednesday, June 18, 2014


( "A Woman" is a literary gem and it is worth to republish-New World-Thanks to Mrs.Molly Varghese, Pazhanchira)
A woman, God’s second creation!
A woman, she is a mother, a sister, a wife, a teacher, a nurse,
a manager, a maid, a bread winner, a budget planner,
a servant, a friend, a confidant, and a counselor!
A woman, she is intelligent, smart, articulate, worries about
everyone but herself, and supports all whom she loves!
A woman, she teaches her language and her culture to her next
generation, and she guides and moulds her youngsters
for the future!
A woman, she is the body and soul of her home, her community,
her country, and the universe itself!
A woman is as delicate as a flower, spreading the fragrance of love
but, strong and durable as a rubber!
A woman is into service, and her thoughts are for the benefits of
It is difficult to find a woman who is selfish and self-centered;
even though, it is not impossible!
A woman can see, hear, understand, think, feel and act on it,
all at the same time!!!
A woman, she is a Leader! She is God’s perfect creation!!!!!!
Molly Varghes, B.Sc, R.N
20th July, 2007.
(Dedicated to my mother and all active women!)
Note: Beautifully crafted literary gem!! Congratulations,Molly
New World Publications.

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