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Thursday, June 5, 2014



Gush of wind, ebony hair blown,
Is that you my love, ode of grey
Covering the brilliance, of mind
Sweet overture of gifts unwind!
Rendezvous as the flame of fire,
Warmth of hearts sung with lyre...
Love subdued, not revealed as days,
Rolled as waves hidden without lies!
Is this a mystery, ecstasy or charade,
A mystery as its colours with shades
Ecstasy, as joy engulfs; billows adiu,
Charade for it is a romance that blew!
It seems like floating on a boat in Venice,
O' just a dream under the gondolas of bees
The waves, so gentle like thy ways in bliss,
By the river of romance, why not a charade?
It seems like walking under a blue moon,
O' just a dream under the pinnacle looming---
The ripples, circular tease, the giggles ring
By the river of love, how's not a charade?
It seems like splashing on a waterfall---
Pure and clear as water washes my shawl,
O' just a dream under the trees overlooking
By the river of surprises, what not a charade!
A sudden mist of dew touched my supple cheeks,
Woke up by the fragrance of rosemary and thyme;
O' just a dream under the sky as sunset looms---
By the river of imagery, it is really a charade!

All rights reserved: Cynthia Abegail

(It is only natural that we will read this beautiful poem again and again because it flows into our heart so smoothly. What a wonderful Poem,Cynthia. Thank You and New World is very proud of you)
New World

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