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Thursday, June 26, 2014


This is a poem that recollects God with abundant love
and mercy welcomes us...

Fortress of my Soul

The other day, I heard a sound from the door,
Snuggling through the hole to view my guest
What a surprise, the quest of my dreams!
The Lord with a soft smile that wins...

I run to the door, almost stumbling with joy,
O' Lord I am greatly elated meeting you today
Am I really special, anxieties and fears allay,
By your presence and glory, nothing is delayed

Were you busy today with things of passing?
Did you found time to sing me praises?
Were you pondering my letter to you?
Did you reflect on how much I love you?

Truly I say Lord, to be honest and true,
At dawn, fascinated reading about you
Praying fervently, failing to notice the dew
By the window overlooking the rosy view.

Were you busy with utter triviality?
Have you contemplated early morn?
Were you happy with my gifts to you
Of love, faith, hope and peace renew!

Will you leave me, My Beloved One?
Sometimes I stray, missing the mark
Truly and deeply sorry from the heart,
O' never I intend to offend Thee ...

My child, my endless love is everlasting,
All I seek is for your eternal happiness
Come back to me, do not hesitate...
Embracing you with love, not late!

O' Lord thanks for utmost patience,
My soul and my heart is Thine!
Love that overflows as a river
Singing praises with the miner...

all rights reserved by Cynthia Abegail

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