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Friday, June 13, 2014



Mr. Jensen is handling a class of students
considered average in their mental abilities.
Mr. Jensen: Now hold the test tubes at an angle
while the solution is boiling.
John: Ouch! The solution splattered on my nose!
Mr. Jensen: William, I told you to hold the test tube
at an angle!
William: You told us at an angle, you did not tell us;
not pointing to another!
Miss Jones: Good morning, class!
All: Good morning, Miss Jones...
Miss Jones: Bring out your homework.
Jenny: Oh! I left my homework home!
Miss Jones: That's an old alibi, you get
an N for today.
Jenny: What does it stands for?
Null for today!
Miss Jones: Never-ending failure...
Wife: (Furious) This is our wedding anniversary
and you have an overtime!
Husband: There is just a rush job, my love. We
can still celebrate it!
Wife: What time?
Husband: About 12:00 pm!
Customer: What kind of abalone soup is this?
With a cockroach wing? Bring your manager
right away!
Waiter: I can't!
Customer: Why not?
Waiter: He's in the hospital...
Customer: Sick?
Waiter: With salmonella!
Principal: Ms. Dickinson, I think you will understand
why I'm firing you today!
Jane: Well, don't you think this is unfair dismissal?
Principal: Not really! First, you can't handle a class.
Everytime you have a lesson, it is like there is wild
Secondly, there was an explosion in your Chem class!
Jane: That's normal for a chemical reaction!
Principal: But it's not normal to burn the school down!

Cynthia Abegail

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