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Monday, June 2, 2014


( Very useful information-thanks to our popular writer Abrham,G) New World

01. Until babies are six months old, they can breath and swallow at the same time.
02. Male mosquitoes are vegetarians. Only females bite.
03. Canadians can send letters with personalized postage stamps showing their photos on each stamps.
04. Wearing headphones for just an hour will increase the bacteria in your ear by 700 times.
05. Grapes explode when you put them in the microwave.
06. There is a hotel in Sweden built entirely out of ice; it is rebuilt Every year.
07. Leonardo DA Vinci could write with the one hand and draw with the other simultaneously. Now you know why his pictures were exquisite!!
08. The names of the continents all end with the same letter with which they start with.
09. Electricity doesn't move through a wire but through a field around the wire.
10. No word in English language rhymes with month,orange, silver, and purple.
11. Raw cashews are poisonous and must be roasted before.
Abraham G

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