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Sunday, June 15, 2014


There was a time!

There was a time when people were kind and nice
When tongues were not lashed with so much spice
When affections and relationships were deep
When moral values and principles were to keep.

There was a time when quality described an item
And not the time spent with a loved one
When the most natural thought in the world
Was to spend hours, with family, in a twirl.

There was a time when young ones obeyed and showed courtesy
To all elders, irrespective of age and hierarchical supremacy.
When several generations lived happily under one roof
And the patriarch solved each and every personal spoof.

There was a time when the intricacies of stressful emotional trauma
Created by extra relationships, did not drag families into a drama
When the familial flag flew high with esteem in society
And sordid rumours were swept under rugs with propriety

There was a time when the world was clean, sweet smelling and good,
When pavements were spotless wherever we stood.
Plastic waste was an unheard-of scary sight
And man did not moan of such a terrible plight!

Where have we lost that wonderful heavenly Time?
Hadn’t that Time made our lives so sweetly sublime?
When, with slow pace, exquisite grace and honest deeds,
We spoke frankly of our deepest innermost needs.

Oh, please take me back to that perfectly happy time
When there was such a fantastically pretty world of mine!
When all of Nature was so bright and beautiful
And good, loving human beings were plentiful!

(Our famous writer and poetess Shobhana Nair goes back to our olden days with sweet memories. This poem is a marvellous,beautiful and a very melodious one.)

1 comment:

Unknown said...

Dear Shobhana

Great work! Expressed beautifully! Keep writing!

Mary Varghese