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Monday, June 30, 2014


(Rani John is familiar to all of our readers. She has written several stories and articlea and "New World" has published a couple of them in previous editions,which became very popular. Now Rani is writing a series of articles and we will publish all.)
The God who helps us to move on
Elijah at the brook of Cherith
1 kings chapter 17 talks about Elijah and God's provisions for him even in the difficult times...It gives us the encouragement to move on when everything is not favourable.In the beginning of the chapter , we see that Elijah gets a word from God that there will not be any rain for years except at his word..and the Lord is asking elijah to go hide by the brook of Cherith which flows to Jordan and he commands the ravens to bring him food every morning and evening and Elijah did so...
For some time, the ravens did bring food for Elijah and he drank from the brook of Cherith.That was God's provision for His servant even when the nation was suffering a famine due to the lack of rain.But after a while the brook dried up...I was surprised when i read that...God provided the food through ravens ..and he couldn't command the brook to never dry up??Why did He do so...Elijah was very comfortable near the brook of cherith...He got food every morning and evening and also there was plenty of water from the brook..But that was not God's purpose for him..Yeah defenitely God provided during the time of need , but Elijah had to move on to another purpose of his life.I believe that God did teach his servant at the brook that God will provide for His children during the difficult times through impossible means.And whaterver he learned from there, he had to apply it in someone else's life and give the encouragement to move on in life no matter how unfavourable the circumstances are...
to be continued.....

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