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Saturday, June 14, 2014



Miller and his son are going to market. Miller rides on a donkey while son is walking. The passer’s by seeing the son walking while the father rides said,
“Unscrupulous man! See how he enjoys riding while his son is staging along!”
Hearing the people’s comments Miller got down and put his son on its back to ride and himself walking, Then some others commented.
“Lazy Jack! See his temerity to ride while his poor father is trudging along!
Then both of them mounted on the donkey and started riding. Then the people said “Poor donkey! It’s sheer cruelty to animals!”

Fed up with such impertinent remarks of people, they finally thought out a plan as it were in an attempt to shut their mouths. Both of them got down and started carrying the donkey with its legs tied up and a rod put in through with either end on each one’s shoulder. Good grief! Still people did not spare them, they mocked and said,
“Hurray! Watch two donkeys carrying another donkey!
At long last, they tried one more time to cut the ground from under people’s feet to find anything to carp at them: all of them went on foot. Do you know how people reacted?
They reviled saying,
It is a bad plight of both natural donkeys and foolish donkeys being together see how foolish they are! They have donkey yet they don’t ride!
Moral:- You can close the mouths of one thousand jars but can never close one man’s mouth.”

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