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Sunday, June 22, 2014


( A famous and beautiful folklore of India has been transcribed by our famous writer Molly Varghese Pazhanchira with great messages for all of us. New World greatly appreciates the dedicated effort of Molly Varghese in finding and transcribing this story with morals for our readers.)
New World


Once there was a little lamb that loved to dance and play around and liked to see new places. One day he saw a river nearby when he went around with his mother and other sheep looking for grassy areas.

The next day evening, the little lamb went to his mother and told her that he wanted to go to the river and drink the fresh running water. His mother told him that it would get dark soon and it was not safe to wander alone. But the little lamb was so excited about the thought of the running water and the beautiful sound, it made. So, he told his mother that he will be back soon and ran towards the river.
As he was standing at the bottom of the waterfall and licking the water, he heard a loud roar from the top of the fall. He saw a lion standing on top of the waterfall. The little lamb shivered and shook with fear. The lion roared again and said, “Don’t you know that you are dirtying my water by licking it?” The lamb replied, “But Lord, I am down here, and you are up there. The water does not flow to the top and so you will not be getting the dirty water.” The lion said, “ You contradict me, the Lord of the Jungle, you little fool!” Then he jumped on top of the lamb and ate him up.
The mother of the lamb went around and searched for her little baby, but could not find the little lamb.
The moral: The powerful can hurt anyone whom they think weak. And the ones who do not have any power always suffer, because it is difficult for them to convince anyone of their innocence or purity. Also, many a times, show of respect is perceived as weakness or fear.
Another moral of this story is that children should listen to their parents, because the parents have the best interest in their heart for their children. (I know, for Indian parents it is a fact.)

(A folk-story of India. Transcribed by Molly Varghese)

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