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Monday, June 9, 2014


The Meaning of Life by Preetha Thomas (ANOTHER GREAT POEM....A REAL SHINING GEM FROM OUR TALENTED WRITER AND POETESS...PREETHA THOMAS !!!) Seasons of Life come by Sometimes bringing joy and happiness; Sometimes love and laughter. Yet, other times bringing emptiness and sorrow; With pain and suffering. It gives us light and hope And at the same time, brings us darkness and despair. It makes us laugh but also makes us weep. Life teaches us to be humble Yet, makes us struggle. It gives us motivation to go on Yet, sometimes makes us want to give up. Through it all, we manage to survive Asking and wondering along the way, What the meaning of life is all about. What is it’s purpose? What is it’s intention? Why does it come in so many forms and seem so plain? Why does it seem so simple and feel so complicated? Why is it so wonderful to a few lucky ones? And so cruel to so many others? We search everyday looking for answers Then, we realize that the answers lie right in the midst of life itself. The meaning of life is in its many passing seasons It’s in every moment of truth It’s in every breath we take and every memory we share. It’s in the pain we endure and the bliss we enjoy. The meaning of life is in the friendships we make And the realtionships we value. It’s in the victories we gain and loses we encounter. It’s in the adventures we seek and the promises we keep. Life is nothing but a gift from God. It’s short but sure is worth exploring. The meaning of life is different to different people But, there’s one thing that’s common to all We all get to live life once, only once. The meaning of life is not to be understood but to be lived. It’s not to be seen but to be realized Life’s a puzzle, a wonder, a miracle from God. @Copyright with author : No part of this poem should be copied or produced in any form without the written permission from the author. (New World always encourages talented writers like Preetha Thomas to bring out their talents to the world) George Kurian for New World. Labels: Preetha 1/28/09 by georgekurian Republished

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