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Monday, June 2, 2014



Here is Clare again, praying before the statue of Jesus and St Joseph!  Clare, an
old lady barely seventy years old and still a delight to behold.  She looks younger than
her age; probably she looks about sixty years old.  Ally asked her about her secret.
She demurely pointed to heaven.  Faith in God is her secret!  Her favorite passage in
the Bible is:  "Though I walk in the valleys of shadow of death, I shall fear no evil
for Thou art with me forever."

Clare is basically poor in financial matters.  She can barely stretch both ends weekly.
She can still pay her bills but because she is already retired, her meager pension could
hardly sustain her.  Her husband is paralysed for about a year now.  They are renting a
very cheap accomodation in town.

Things went worst when her husband got sick and day by day, tears accompany her
prayers.  She never question God about her poverty.  She just beg God to have mercy
on them.

After a year of paying off her cheap accomodation, the well run dry.  She was in danger
of eviction so she requested the owner to extend her lease for only about 4 weeks so she
could pack up their things.  She does not know where to go, but she knows that God will
not forsake her.

On the other hand, the owner has a hard heart.  She brought her to court; the poor lady
tried to defend her cause because she could not get a lawyer.  Before the hearing, she
prayed day and night for God to save her from this precarious situation.

The day of hearing arrived.  She is calm and profess a vow to God that she will tell the truth
and nothing but the truth.  The other party profess a secular vow.  After her brilliant defense
of her case, she was granted her request.  The other party were red-faced for they thought
they are going to win.

Now, the poor lady went out with nothing in her heart except her faith in God!  She told herself,
"Rommel should be happy, I won the case."  Later, a rich person discovered her plight.  The
philantropist allowed her to occupy a one bedroom home suited to them at a rate within their

Clare, the poor lady was blessed by the Lord.  She owns nothing but her Master is the King
of the Universe!  How could she be in want?

Morale:  Despite of all tribulations, stand firm for the Lord never forsake His children.  Have
strong faith.  God is good all the time and all will be well, maybe not now but in His time!

All rights reserved:  Maria Cassia Austero

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