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Friday, June 13, 2014


Meet Narcissus, a man on his fifties yet looking younger than his age!
He is a normal man with an eye for beautiful women and he has
all the vices you can name except drinking because his liver is
now scarred.

Jamie his friend in the fish shop could not also understand his friend.
Does this man really need an exorcism?  But for one, he is quite generous.
He lavish his friends and family with some gifts if he is in a good mood.

Well, let us enumerate his penchants in life:  gambling, women and
drinking at his younger age.  He had been a chain smoker at the age
of sisteen years of age; thanks to the doctor, he stopped because his
kidneys and lungs were really bad!

What is abhorring with Narcissus according to Jamie is his bad temper!
He could explode anytime, any minute, any second.  His manager asked him to
take anger management which was effective for a week and then he reverted back
just like a rubberband when released.

For sure, he has no friends because of his bad temper except John who is his
boss in the fish shop.  John is very kind and understand his needs for attention.
John suspects Narcissus has an ADHD, attention deficit disorder!

One summer day, he was driving along the Roma Highway when suddenly his
brakes failed!  As expected, he collided with a small car.  Thanks that he lived
with some spinal damage and back and shoulder pain.  It was awful, he was
in hospital for about a week.  Jamie visited him and to his surprise, he was not
arrogant anymore.  He was so kind, no more temper, but Jamie is adamant.  This
may last only till he is sick and injured.

Narcissus began to cry and Jamie reassured and comforted him.  Where is Nadia,
my wife?  Jamie said that she is coming with all of the paperwork about his
accident.  Jamie was sorry for him but he is happy in a sense for his change in

When Narcissus went home, he asked his son, "Could I go to Mass now?"
His son Luke was surprised.  He had not been to Mass for about two months
now!  Luke gushed, "Hope this beginning of a new life and will not be just for a
brief period of time."  Yes Dad, we will go on Sunday!  Luke breath a sigh of
relief and uttered, "Praise the Lord!"

Morale:  Sometimes, the Lord intervenes in one's life and allow suffering and
calamities to happen for a good purpose.  God is good all the time!

All rights resaerved:  Maria Cassia Austero

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