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Tuesday, June 17, 2014



1. Cumulus is a type of wind, cloud, breeze or
2. What is the term for the screen upon which icons
and windows are displayed?
3. According to ______, the basic needs of a man
must be fulfilled first, in a hierarchy shown in
a pyramid.
4. Who was the male lead star in the blockbuster
movie, Dr. Zhivago?
5. Is carbon dioxide an element, a compound or
6. In Greek mythology, who followed Eurydice
in the underworld in order to bring her back
to life?
7. Carmine is a shade of color somewhat purplish,
yellowish, reddish, greenish or grayish?
8. In poetry, a figure of speech which uses the
word (like or as) is called a _________.
9. Mt. Matabia is located in Indonesia, East Timor,
Singapore or Thailand?
10. The gas that is prevalent when a volcano erupts is
carbon dioxide, nitrogen gas, sulfur dioxide or
oxygen gas?
1. cloud
2. desktop
3. Maslow
4. Omar Shariff
5. compound
6. Orpheus
7. reddish
8. simile
9. East Timor
10. sulfur dioxide

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