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Sunday, June 15, 2014

WONDERFUL WORLD OF SCIENCE#10 Sci-Fi Technologies Moving Us Closer To Immortality

10 Sci-Fi Technologies Moving Us Closer To Immortality

Growing Body Parts
2- body parts
There are some common sci-fi tropes that are at least somewhat plausible. When we see interstellar travel, alien life, or food reduced to pills, we can imagine the potential they have to be a part of human life. But some things are a little more far-fetched, like culturing body parts in labs. Like most things, though, the truth is crazier than fiction, since scientists are doing exactly that. The lab-grown organs don’t just look anatomically correct, they work correctly as well. What have we made so far? Vaginas and nostrils, both of which have been safely transplanted into humans with no adverse side effects.
For the first time ever, females who were born without a vagina—or whose vagina was incomplete—received vaginas grown in a laboratory. The women were tracked for eight years before the scientists were satisfied with the results. During that time, the women and their new organs functioned completely normally without adverse side effects. Patients who had lost part of their noses to skin cancer also had new noses grown from their skin cells.

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