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Saturday, June 14, 2014



10 Sci-Fi Technologies Moving Us Closer To Immortality

The average life expectancy is constantly rising as we improve our knowledge of medicine and the human body. We have eradicated diseases, discovered powerful treatments, and figured out how to fix ailments which would have once killed us. Now we’re accelerating even more rapidly in the practice of keeping humans alive, jolting toward something close to immortality with technologies that sound like they’ve been ripped straight from the realm of science fiction.


Blood Factories

1- blood
Blood is so critical to our survival that it’s become the go-to metaphor for people to describe a necessity. Farmers, workers, religion, love, family—they’ve all been described as the “lifeblood” of nations. Excessive blood loss will quickly end a life, so blood transfusions are a vital medical tool. There are two major issues with blood transfusions, though. The first is that the blood has to be donated from other people, which can lead to shortages. The second is that everybody has a different blood type, and transfusing the wrong blood type will lead to an immune system attack and a variety of awful complications.
Science has managed to address both these issues by manufacturing red blood cells from the universal O- type (which can be given to anybody without immune issues). This is the first time that blood like this has been created in a lab, and it could lead to the end of blood donations and the beginning of industrial blood production.

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