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Tuesday, July 1, 2014



Waiting is an art and a virtue! Tell me about it, one lady
who has to wait for his boyfriend for about quarter of an
hour was so sore that she broke up with him at that very
moment. But wait, to wait is not that bad... it is actually
good to wait!

How many decisions failed because people failed to wait for
the right time! Waiting might be a pain sometimes, but we
really have to be prudent for there are snares and wiles
all over us.

We have to wait when we have a job interview. We have
to wait for the exact time on almost any thing that we
have to do in life: marriage, baptism...

Don't look at me like that! I am a fiery in waiting when I was
a teen. When I have to wait for someone, I seem to be like
a volcano about to erupt if that person is late even for about
ten minutes. We had our times, but when we are children,
we act like children. On the other hand, we mature in our
outlook in life.

Then we pray for something that we intensely need! Suddenly,
we have to wait! Yes, this is the most important waiting in life!
We have to wait for God's response--- the Almighty, the King of
kings. Be serious this time. We can't fret, fuss or just complain.
We have to abandon our petition to the Lord. If we think that we
have to get an answer in the time we planned, forget about our

God will give an answer in the time that is within the divine Plan!
This time we have to wait really... It does not matter when it
arrives, what is important is our abandonment to God's will.

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