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Friday, July 18, 2014


Autumn Rhapsody

A gust of wind from the north east,
Inherent charm caught his eyes
Bustling breeze woo the moonlight
O" the night rivalled the rising sun!

Leaves scarlet dizzy as tangerine,
Slowly decayed to way of winter
Zeal of heart zoom down weary
Epic love no more glimmer...

Dreams alive now pale not rosy,
Flowers gone yet leaves browny
Cold wind, no flame but misty
Not humid so dry O' so dreary.

Shall I compare thee to autumn?
Trees shed leaves as doldrum
Scatter thy fragrance as night
To all flowers that alight...

Shall I compare thee to winter?
Heart cold as snow that wither
Flakes that melt her heart aye
As fickle as the fig so shy...

Or shall I compare thee to spring?
Like a bee that scatters pollen
Lovely flowers rival so solemn
Petals flicker without emblem!

No, I'll compare thee to summer,
So alive and carefree and gather
Remnant of flowers that abide
Adiu to autumn, I love summer!

But summer left the other day,
The warmth is a dream today
Wish summer comes back again
Bid goodbye to autumn of rain!

** All rights reserved Cynthia Abegail Bernardo

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