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Wednesday, July 2, 2014


( A beautiful story with a great moral) New World


Once, in a faraway kingdom of Blissfulness,
a benevolent King Raymund lives.
He has an equally caring wife and queen, Rita.
She was the quest of many princes
and kings all over the region of Faith
not only because of her breathtaking beauty!
She is gifted with a graceful, dainty manner
that everyone who speak with her are enamoured.
Every morning, Rita wakes up
after dawn and goes out to the palace porch and look
at the sky. She exclaims,
"How beautiful is the sky, so clear yet sometimes I see
the Morning Star."
She does her early morning prayer, then suddenly... hundreds of birds of myriad colors passes by.
"Tweet, tweet, tweet." Even the birds notices
her exuberant beauty of face and heart!
King Raymund wakes up an hour after Rita.
He goes out to see Rita; then hugs her
by the waist sweetly and said,
"How is my alluring queen?"
 Rita replied, "Very well,
indeed! Look, how beautiful the clouds
are, so pure and white! It reminded me of
God, so pure and holy!"
The King replied, "Truly, and see the verdant
green meadows and the tulips that blooms."
Anyway, I have to go to attend to the poor and lonely in
our kingdom. Rita gracefully kisses him on the cheek,
then said, "I will quickly prepare your favorite breakfast."
The king embraced her with love and they walked together
to the opulent kitchen.
From early morning till dusk,
the King posted orders to the next in ranks to distribute
food to the innermost hilly areas of Despair and Depression.
He also organized training of
farmers for proper management of staple farms,
fruit vineyards and vegetable patches for future needs.
He also coordinated with the religious centre to mobilise
the prayer teams to uplift urgent prayers to the Lord!
Why? The drought has started already.
The King ordered that huge bins and reservoir
of grains be opened for all in need.

Announcements were made and soon,
thousands of people lined up close to the palace.
The distribution lasted till late at night.
Day in and day out, the King followed his routine
and exhaustion is eating him away!

He does not seemed to be bothered because his concern
is the people's plight.
The King had only about 2-3 hours sleep everyday.
At night, he and Rita will retreat to their prayer
sanctuary and tearfully plead to the Lord
to send rain!
Two weeks had passed and the grain
will run out the following week. Rita is almost losing hope
and cried everyday.
She is now almost at the brink of depression.
But the King remained
strong and with great hope exclaimed,
"The Lord has given, the Lord will withhold!" His
servants were amazed and said,
"We had never seen this kind of faith even in the Kingdom of Joy."

One day before the grain is consumned,
"Trickle, trickle, trickle..." Paulus run to King Raymund
and gasping for breath... The rain has come, your Honor!
The King full of tears gazed at the porch
and exclaimed, "Lord, you never failed me even
once in my life. I love you and will love
you till the end of days! He embraced Rita with beam
in his eyes!
**** Moral: "Though the mountains may
fall and the seas disappear, God will never never
abandon us...
  All rights reserved: Cynthia Abegail Bernardo
(A great story Cynthia and this is another gem for our publication) George 

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