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Friday, July 11, 2014


(Our respected readers know the famous writer and educationist Ms.Shobhana Nair. She has woven a very beautiful poem...really a wonderful one...)
Feet of Clay

She saw him come in to work with a purposeful, easy stride;
She looked at him, and wondered shyly if he already had a bride!
He bent down to pick up the paper lying strewn,
And looked up at her with a concentrated frown.

‘Twas her first day at a new job; butterflies fluttered within her;
He came, stopped beside her, smiled – and set her heart astir!
She knew that this would be the beginning of a long bond
As she saw the first glimmers light his eyes with a love dawned!

Their friendship grew stronger with each passing day;
It was a tribute to all poets’ odes and many a classic play.
Time flew by on the wings of angels; the Heavenly knot was tied at last
And life began to blossom, to reverberate with delight, a perpetual blast.

Years rolled by swiftly and she saw the slow changes happen with his love:
Why did he constantly attempt to annihilate her emotions with his push and shove?
And then, one day, the wonderful bed of roses was no more;
In its place, she was left with a soul that was so hurtingly sore.

She delved within herself to understand this sea change
Life, she realized, had many twists and turns, in love’s range.
She grew morose and withdrew from all she knew;
She needed to lick her wounds, and dry her tears, in solitude.

Life began to assume shades of grays, and dark tones;
She sank into abysmal gloom right through to her very bones.
Her heart felt heavy, her spirit drooped, she’d lost her will to cope;
When he threw her love away, she did nothing but mope.

Days and months went by until, one day, she jerked awake
She vowed, “I must be strong and live for my children’s sake!”
Life took on new meaning, and now had acquired new horizons
She had learned to melt away the terrible inner emotional poisons.

Now, she looks back into the past and reminiscences about her woes;
God had given her immense strength to fight her emotional foes.
And yet, a drop of tear hangs on her lid as she remembers that day,
When her wonderful hero strode into her life, alas with feet of clay!
Copy right with the Author

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