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Saturday, July 19, 2014

GLORY OF LIFE by Gopinadhan Pillai

(Our online publication is blessed and enriched with very valuable and meaningful writings from famous thinkers and scholars. Here is another excellent article from our eminent scholar and writer Mr.Gopinadhan Pillai. Many thanks to Mr.Pillai for this precious article. Also in future, we will have many more such articles from Mr.Pillai) (Republished:First published 10/28/08
Glory of Life
Gopinadhan Pillai

Among innumerable creations, human life is most glorious and difficult to attain. One gets a human birth after undergoing hundreds of past lives. Even after having obtained such a significant gift, it is still difficult to get the awakening to understand the divinity within us and to establish a real communion with it. One can achieve this knowledge by righteous living.
There are numerous species of living and non-living beings in the universe. ‘Truth’ is the substratum in all these things. Even in a stone ‘Truth’ exhibits as it exists. Plant life is much more evolved as it is aware of the outside world. This awareness is found to a higher degree in animal life. This knowledge varies in different species of animals to their emotions and feelings. Among all of them, man seems to be independent in his rational conquest for controlling emotions. He thinks beyond his physical existence. This intellectual capacity found in man makes him capable of expounding the Divinity in him. He has this special quality of heart and head to divert his thoughts in exploration beyond the material world.
Man can be categorized into three groups based on his intellectual behavior. A man, who is a victim to his instincts and a slave to his impulses, spends his life as an animal-man. One who has disciplined these instincts and controls his emotions can be considered as a man-man. When such a man strives steadily to reach the last stage of man hood, he evolves himself to Godhood. Such a man is a well-evolved man who thinks beyond his physical existence.
Contentment, spirit of self surrender and peace arising from gaining the right knowledge are the qualities of a well-evolved man. These are the preliminaries for the evolution of a man to Godhood. He finds the energy to apply them faithfully to the methods of integration suggested in Scriptures. Concentration of mind is the path to this knowledge. Desireless action will purify the inner personality for self development. As in Gita, only the integrated mind has wisdom. Such a person will have the yearning for Self-knowledge.
Without the true knowledge of the “whys and wherefores” one will not be able to keep up his true enthusiasm on this integration. Study of scriptures yields the answers to these questions. These literatures show not only the goals, but also suggest the paths. When a man gets the power of concentration through selfless actions, he becomes qualified for the study of scriptures. He gains the discrimination between spirit and matter, the Real and the unreal. He will become a realized person knowing the Self in him is the Self in others.
“Janthunam narajanma durlabhamatha: pumstvam tato viprata
tasmatvaidika-dharma-margaparata vidvatvamasmatparam
Aatmanatmavivechanam svanubhavo brahmatmana samsthitir-
mukthinom shatajanmagodi sukritai: punyairvina labhyate

“Sankara in enumerating these stages of self-development gives us in a nut-shell the unwritten chapters in Darwin’s half declared theory of evolution. Here we have all the various stages through which man consciously, by right living and self-progress climbs on the lap of the Lord, there to merge with him. There to become Siva. This is called mukti … the full and final liberation of a mortal from all his limitations”. Swami

Chinmanayananda in Vivekachoodamani.
(What a great article.!! We are all trying to find where we came from , where we go and what is the origin of everything, how God's power leads us.....the quest of man....many of those questions can be answered in the above article.)-New World
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