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Monday, July 21, 2014


The Ducali prototype has already 3D printed human bone cellular material and Ali claims that the process will work on any cellular tissue type. The printer and bioink packages are expected to cost about $200,000 and would sell to academic research labs and established corporate laboratories and research firms.
The very idea that doctors could be trained to customize highly effective drugs tailored specifically for an individual rather than less effective drugs intentionally made less effective in order to be safe enough for large groups of people without the worry of side effects is the stuff of science fiction. The “create a new drug in a matter of hours” plot is used by just about every sci fi television show at least once — dozens if you’re Star Trek — and thanks to 3D printing they might actually start becoming the stuff of reality.
sickbay star trek 3d printing
This is just a short pitch from some research students and currently there doesn’t seem to be any official testing or published papers — that I could find — filed about the process that Ali is describing, but this is still a pretty spectacular idea. Granted, it is probably a decade or more off from being a reality, and the viability of in vitro testing needs to be established and the whole process would need to be regulated. However, the fact that it is already being researched is still pretty exciting.

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