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Wednesday, July 30, 2014


I have seen the Lord, says Mary of Magdala on the day
of the resurrection. She has the honor of seeing our
beloved Jesus ahead of the disciples. She was the one
who called him "Rabbuni" which means Master.

What is in Mary of Magdala that she stands out? First,
she was a sinner! God seeks the lost, and heaven rejoice
if one sinner is regained at any time. How about the
righteous? Did God forgot about them? Not at all.
In fact, the Story of the Prodigal Son attest to this
truth. The father in the story told the older, bitter son:
"All I have is yours, but we must rejoice for your brother
is lost but has been found."

God loves the good and the sinners as well. The only thing is:
we must always run to our Heavenly Father and seek his
forgiveness. The ocean of mercy of our God is unfathomable
and beyond understanding. We are encouraged to come back
to the Lord. Run tears of penitence and with contrite heart,
try to say, "Father, I have sinned and offended Thee. Please
forgive me from all my sins and with Thy grace, please help
me not to sin again." Thus, we regain bonding with our Lord.

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