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Sunday, July 27, 2014



Have you ever felt some goosebumps at a sight of someone
you dearly love? Ask Connie, she has the perfect scenario
of this strange but lovely feeling.

"Connie! What happened to you? Have you seen a ghost,"
asked Jessica. Connie replied, "You're naughty, it is not
a ghost, it is one of the noblest man I have ever seen? Connie
showed his picture in the screen. Jessica blurted, "What is so
noble about this man? He is not of royal blood and not even
a duke. Connie gushed, "Well, you never knew him, don't
you?" Jessica replied, "How do I know, I just saw him today!"

Connie said, "He is the man of my dreams, Jessica." His ways
are so decent and civilised." Jessica joked, "How do you know
from a screen?" Connie blushed and said, "I just felt it."
Jessica leaving said, "I will return when your sober."

After one day, Jessica returned. Connie show her again the screen.
Jessica felt sorry for her friend. She thought, "She must be a bit
having hallucinations. "Falling in love with a cyber person. Oh
no!" Connie was talking again about Mr Noble, the man she
thought is her ideal dream." Jessica told Connie, "Please wake
up. You have never met him, what is this madness?" Connie
replied, "You don't understand." Jessica said, "How will I understand,
that's irrational!"

After one year, Connie went overseas and met her cyber friend. She went
back to her own country with Mr Noble. She rang Jessica so as to meet
him in person.

At last the day of reckoning came. "Jessica, I want you to meet Ronnie Noble."
Jessica blushed, "Oh gosh, you did not tell me that he really looks so suave
and civilised." Connie replied, "I told you!" Jessica asked, "Does he have a
brother or even a cousin?!!!

All rights reserved: Cynthia Abegail

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