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Wednesday, July 30, 2014


We started exploring Mars only a few years ago. There were so many stories about other human beings living in Mars. People even claimed that they had spotted UFOs(Unidentified Objects) visiting us from other planets. We have also heard some amazing stories of some UFOs coming from Mars and landed on Earth . Those stories were spread in the 1950s. As the man progressed with technological advancement, we have come to know that they were only fantasies. The unmanned vehicles explored Mars have reported that there is no one living in Mars. Some of those vehicles have landed and even scooped Maritian soil for testing in the labs. We believe that there was water in Mars and even found the evidence of snow recently by Phoenix lander, which is now exploring the planet.
It has not found any life on the Planet,but it is reported that it has found surface ice and other chemical traces of the former presence of water,which is a prerequisite for life.
The Phoenix lander sent by NASA shows some evidence that there are crystals of ice .
In the past, man always thought that Earth is the only planet which supports life. We do not have any evidence that there is life elswhere, but that does not support the theory that we are the only one in the entire Universe.
There are at least ten thousand galaxies, we know that exist but half of them are not seen due to the dust which obstructs the view from Hubble telescope. Our Milky Way Galaxy alone has billions and billions of stars and millions of planets, at least.We have not even explored our nearest Planet Mars and so it is not prudent to say that there is no life elswhere . There may be countless galaxies in the Universe and could be several planets similar to Earth and life there.
Now, as we are here on Earth , a chance given to us by our CREATOR we should not waste our life in false pride and hurt our fellow being. The very short time we have here on Earth, we should learn to love one another and thus make our small planet
a heaven.

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