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Thursday, July 24, 2014


(Shaji John presents our respected readers a nice poem with a great theme. Humans may advance in technology but God watch us not to lead us to any bad end.A fact which we have to be aware of. A beautiful narration)New World

Our Invention, Our Extinction

Oh divine, our invention,
Ends after our extinction,
That our blood,flesh,breath,
We give through centuries,
That we nurture, that we don,
In dawn, in sun, in evening in moon.

Oh divine, you not out of us,
But we are out of your bliss,
Among many that your gaze,
Among many the vile gay,
The scent of coffee flowers,
The sweet of berries; you dwellers.

Oh divine your cost of mirth,
First you tend we on earth,
We in fact tend devil ,
How all are the beings gone,
Of the sorts we too are prone.

If these , lion, deer , monkey,
Why these letters spendy,
Let my words unlike letters,
Let my assist unlike computer,
Let give to other lives,
The lives can keep our leave.

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