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Wednesday, July 2, 2014



Prayer is a communication and contact with God.  The soul needs to be
nourished as well as the body.  If a person miss his meals for a long
period of time, that person gest sick.  In the same way, if a person does not
pray and lose contact with God, his soul will also be unwell.

The well-being of one's soul is a high priority.  In the same light, one
must not only profess his love and belief in God but must also keep
in regular contact with the One he or she loves.  If we have friends, we
try to be in contact to maintain the quality of one's friendship!  A friend
is not:  "Once you see, once you don't!"

When we pray, it must come from the heart.  One's heart does not betray!
One's mind could be manipulated to deny or to accept without truth.  But
the heart which is the centre of one's being will reveal the truth of one's

We need to pray to the One whom we owe our existence.  It is a token
of thanksgiving for the Creator, Provider and Deliverer.  It is a reflection
that we are made in His image (loving, kind and faithful).  

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