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Thursday, July 24, 2014



You talk about your business,
Your bonds and stocks and gold;
And in all worldly matters
You are so brave and bold.
But why are you so silent
About Salvation's plan?
Why don't you speak for Jesus,
And speak out like a man?

You talk about the weather,
And the crops of corn and wheat;
You speak of friends and neighbors
That pass along the street;
You call yourself a Christian,
And like the gospel plan-
Then why not speak for Jesus,
And speak out like a man?

Are you ashamed of Jesus
And the story of the cross,
That you lower His pure banner
And let it suffer loss?
Have you forgot His suffering?
Did He die for you in vain?
If not, then live and speak for Jesus,
And speak out like a man.

I'd like to tell the story sweet
of Jesus, wouldn't you?
To help some other folks to meet
Their Saviour, wouldn't you?
I'd like to travel all the way
To where I'd hear my Jesus say:
"You've helped my work along today."
I'd like that. Wouldn't You?
-Author Unknown

Forwarded by Thomas Philip

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