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Friday, July 18, 2014



Annie is a gentle, gracious lady who lived across Jones St.
She is about middle-aged, full of life and lives a comfortable
life. What can I say? She is blessed with a warm, positive
demeanor and I thought that her world seems to be sun-
filled. Although I know that that is nowhere near from
the truth, when I am with her--- the valleys seems green
and verdant and the flowers are always in bloom.

I have come and go that street and I meet her about once
a week on the road. There's nothing "rush" for her. She's just
cool no matter what happens. Then one day I met Julie,
her sister. I said, "What's up?" Julie replied, Annie is now
confirmed with Alzheimer's disease!" My heart just melted
for her because I am already fond of her and her sweet
disposition. I asked Julie, "How did it happen, I meet her all the
time and she seems alright." Julie replied, "We already saw
some signs five months ago. But now, she really lost her
memory and she can't recognise anybody."

I walked away after giving Julie some consolation. With a heavy
heart, I visited her the following day in the nursing home. When
I arrived in the hospital, tears rolled from my eyes. My friend
looked like a five year old toddler. She still have that sincere
smile but her eyes are blank. I remembered my friend, Josh
who had Alzheimer's, too. He used to wander in the city and
thanks to the Lord, that he is always brought home by friends.
Sadly, he passed away after a one and a half year.

Annie does not like to eat, but she drinks once and a while.
Now I realise, it may not be longer that she may live. After
about eight months, she passed away. Annie lost it---her
memory and now I know that it's a crucial disease. Thanks
to Alzheimer's and Dementia group in our community who
helps people with early signs of this devastating disease.

Annie, my beloved friend! She lost her memory but not
everything. She lives in the memories of her relatives and
friends. What more, she is a child of God---a servant of the
Lord for twenty years. May eternal light shine upon her...
Morale: We never know what's in store for us. Some things
happen unexpectedly. Abide in the Lord always!

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