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Wednesday, July 2, 2014


( Our esteemed writer Sr. Elsie Baby has a definition what is 'UNITY' in the church and in life.Worth reading .)New World
U--uphold one anothe--r in prayer.--
N--near to one another

I--intimacy---show love, be a close friend to someone

T--trust fellow believers
Y--yield--(malayalees do not know the meaning of this word)

Heart of sensitivity
Jesus moved with compassion
help someone,do not close ur eyes when u can offer help

some come after service starts and leave before Amen. No one stay back to fellowship or give elder a helping hand

God blessess when there is unity where there is sensitivity and ur avaialability
Peter and John walked together doing miracles,they did not fight. They were intersted bringing people to church. When there is all the above mentioned qualities there is JOY AND HAPPINESS AND PEACE in churches..

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