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Sunday, July 27, 2014


(Thanks to Rani John. This is the last of the series of the article . Through some biblical stories Ms.Rani John has written a very valuable article for us.) New World

The God who helps us face many challenges
God did provide everything for Elijah at the brook of Cherith...but he was not asked to be comfortable there for so long..Elijah had a purpose..He had to move on...He had a purpose at Zarephath..There God Worked through Elijah to provide food for the widow...And there also we can see that after a while of comfortable life, another problem came in Elijah's life..A time where he has to show the miraculous God he serves..God helped him there too..And the widow beleived in his God..Many times we also feel that everything is so comfortable and life is going smooth and suddenly when something comes up which is unfavourable to us...we feel very upset..But this God of Elijah provides us through all means and at the same time teaches us a new lesson each time we face a challenge and helps us move on..and sometimes he directs us to a new phase of life where we need to be a blessing to someone else..We serve a God who helps us to move on...

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