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Thursday, July 24, 2014

THE TOWEL- Forwarded by Elsie Baby

( I am very happy to re publish the entire text from our distinguished writer Elsie Baby who has sent it to me. This has a great message....a real message for all of us ...and that is one of the messages our publication has been founded upon. We support good ideas to help people, support all who are in need of happiness and comfort. We do not get involved in any type of fights between different factions either in religion or politics. Our excellent writers adhere the value of human life and our publication will follow that path....God bless our readers, our writers,our Publication and all of you. The features from our writers such as the one from our Elsie Baby given below, features from Thomas Philip Ranni, Gopinadhan Pillai, Abraham,G, Thomas Koovallor and so many others will make our publication in the spotlight one day, I am sure.)
(George Kurian)

The Towel

A worn towel changed my outlook forever.One dayit was my turn to deliver donations to Unity house, an apartment complex for women who had come through drug detox. Most were setting up homes from scratch and lacked basic supplies.
"Mary" one of the women called, "here is a towel for you"A new resident at Unity house, Mary dashed forward and took the frayed towel with eager hands.
"Thank you!" she said joyfully."This morning I wanted to take a shower, but I didn't have towel." She caressed the terry cloth as though it were made of gold.
I thought with shame of my linen closet--so full that towels fell out on my head.
Every closet in my house was the same. Why should I stash things away when these women needed them?
I went home and cleaned out the linen closet. Then my clothes closets and kitchen cabinets. Perfectly good items I hadn't used in years came to light. It took three trips to get every thing to Unity House.
God has blessed me abundantly. Now I know why: so I can share.
Good stewardship doesn't lie in stashing and saving but in giving.
A priceless lesson from an old towel !!

[Suzanne Jordan Brown]

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