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Monday, July 7, 2014


1.  Respect is important!  Golden rule applies.  If one likes to earn
respect, one must know how to respect other's rights.

2.  Trust is also on the top of the list.  One feels comfortable if one
is trusted unconditionally. 

3.  One must be open, but leave a sense of enigma.  It is just depressing
to hear day in and day out the gripes of another. 

4.  Give surprises!  It revitalises relationships.  I mean positive surprises.

5.  Have  a sense of humour.  If one does not have it naturally, try
to develop it.  It is so energising to have a friend or a loved one
who makes one laugh.

6.  Remember important days like birthdays, Valentines Day, Christmas
or Easter.  People are so receptive to thoughtfulness.

7.  Be sweet and caring.  Always be ready to assist in times of the other's
need or crisis.

8.  Smile often.  It is welcoming and inspiring.

9.  Do not steal the limelight, let them have it! 

10.  Listen!  Most of the time, listen well and do not talk too much.

11.  Love sincerely and do not betray friends or loved ones.  It means

12.  Most of all, pray for your relationships especially if they are getting
quite worst.  Offer it to God.  The Divine Healer will never let you down
especially if you are faithful to Him.

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