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Friday, July 25, 2014


Understanding The Mental Laws

The Law of Belief

Beliefs are concepts that you consider real and true, and you do not question them, even though they have no logical explanation. If we believe in something strongly, if we think that we can achieve something, then we will. What we believe will come true.
We can classify beliefs into five groups:
Beliefs about defects and weaknesses: These beliefs produce thoughts in our consciousness like: "I am no good", "I cannot do this", "I am useless", "I won't manage to complete it".
Beliefs of survival:
These beliefs produce thoughts such as: "Life is short.
Get whatever you can at any cost whenever you can". Life’s decisions are taken based on these beliefs without taking into the account the repercussions (effects) they may have on our health, our relationships and our future.
Beliefs that create blocks: When we label someone, we are no longer open to try and understand them. For example: "My boss is really egoistic". This type of belief blocks the flow of our positive energy and stops us from connecting openly with these people.
Beliefs that strengthen the self: For example: "I am capable", "I can do it", "There is nothing I cannot be or do if I really want to", "I will overcome the difficulties and meet the challenge".
True beliefs about ourselves: They are connected to eternal certain truths, such as: "I am a spiritual being, I am eternal. God is my spiritual father".
To assure us that a belief is true, we must first believe in it. Then we check it in our consciousness and if a belief is true it will become an experience. If this does not happen, we are doing something wrong or this belief is not correct.

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