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Wednesday, July 2, 2014


1. Who was the poetess who lived a secluded and contemplative
life; who hailed from Massachussets, USA?
2. What is the Psalm # of "The Lord is my shepherd, I shall
not want?
3. From which country is the first runner-up of Miss Universe
2010 held in USA?
4. Gulf of Aden is close to Turkey, Egypt, Yemen or Sudan?
5. ---------- is the name of the area east of Paris around the city
of Reims which is also the name for a type of wine.
6. Who is the love interest of Helen of Troy in one of the most
popular epic in world literature?
7. Saint-Paulin is a type of bread, cheese, butter or margarine?
8. The printing press revolutionize the speed of communication
during the period of its invention. Who invented it?
9. What is the diet of St John the Baptist?
10. "No two objects occupy the same space at the same time" is
a general concept in Science. What do you call this law?


1. Emily Dickinson
2. Psalm 23
3. Miss Jamaica
4. Yemen
5. Champagne
6. Paris
7. Cheese
8. Johannes Gutenberg
9. Locust and honey
10. Law of Impenetrability

Score yourself:
8-10 Excellent
7 Very Good
5-6 Average
3-4 Needs improvement
0-2 Read!

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