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Monday, July 7, 2014

WHAT GOD WANTS FROM US - by Thomas Philip Ranni

(The famous article by Mr.Thomas Philip Ranni "What God Wants-"(3)concludes with the following part.)
God is not looking for man's feasts or festivals in His name but He wants us to help our fellowman. There are hundreds and thousands of people who need help. Many are sick and in pain. God will not run to us leaving those people.So if we pay a visit to those people and give comfort, that is what God is pleased with.That is a great gift for Him.
When people cry out for help due to disappointment and pain, it is our duty to lift them up with our hands and even if we use that time without spending in the church or temple, He will be happy to see that. So if we help our neighbour with an open heart and if we are sincere, God will be very happy.
Our Conscience should be clear before our God Almighty because He knows even our thoughts !!
We should be sincere in our acts and thoughts.We should not talk against our friend, we should not tell lie, we should tell only the truth and we should not bring shame to our brother. We should be humble before man and God,when we pray that should be sincere and He knows your heart and He will reward what you deserve. GOD BLESS YOU ALL.
(Thanks to Mr.Thomas Philip Ranni for publishing this famous,meaningful and valuable article in New World.

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On the other side said...

It seems that Mr. Thomas Philip is the ambassador of the so called pseudo entity of God. If there is a creator (what we call it the God), let it rule Thomas Philip and me equally. If it is not, it might have a purpose. Why should we worry about it. Even this thought might be its play. Let it play. Don't define too much. Try to think. Use your thought process in the right direction so that you can give some respect to its creator, if there is one. Sorry if I bothered.
Ramesh (