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Wednesday, July 23, 2014


Working out Depression

- Dr. Kurien S. Thomas

Effective Living Inc.

Employers are not aware about the cost that depression could load on their balance sheet as it goes hidden or rather unnoticed. The reality is that depression cost the employers billions of Indian Rupees annually. The productivity or performance of a skilled professional is laid almost at rest due to depression they face in their life. What could be the real reason for the depression has to be ascertained. Ongoing work stress and pressure can cause depression. In the fast paced world the competitiveness to delegate and get the task done timely makes a real difference in the corporate world. Work without stress is inevitable these days, but the attitude at which the stress is taken matters for the individual to view it as an opportunity or challenge to prove his or her own abilities. If it is not seen it in this manner, stress would lead the individual to depression. At times certain challenges laid for an employee may be much more than he or she could handle. At this juncture he or she feels like a trap without a means to take corrective steps. Managers should be able and also attentive to the symptoms his or her subordinates face and on finding certain symptoms which could be tagged as depression must refer their subordinates to a psychotherapist and or counsellor and tackle problem areas at work very efficiently.

Some of the symptoms that managers could identify depression in their subordinates are :-

Lack of concentration
Emotional outburst
Mood swings
Prefer to work alone or no team spirit
Decreased productivity
Late arrival at work and quick to leave from work
Taking leaves on the rise

Adequate attention to these symptoms must be laid on as the above symptoms can prove the manager to miss his or her deadlines, make mistakes in the task he or she heads, increased time spent in arguing with subordinates, etc. which could lead him or her into negative stress.

As a manager you could call the employee into confidence to discuss to help him or her by:-
Creating an opportunity to discuss with 100% confidentiality
Suggest him or her to visit a psychotherapist / counsellor
Change his or her work or reporting mode
Change work routine
Identify his or her skill and try to create opportunity for him or her to utilize those skills effectively for productivity
Give fresh challenges that could interest him or her
Delegate task if the work load is heavy

It is very important to identify depression as it would not only affect him or her but the superiors and subordinates, friends, relatives, immediate family members and society at large. If depression is left untreated it could lead employees to attempt dangerous mistakes which could cost companies billions of Indian Rupees or even commit suicide. Identifying and treating depression at the right time can prevent great losses or decreased profits from reflecting in the balance sheet.

*******Dr.Kurien S. Thomas is a writer, columnist, orator, corporate trainer, psychotherapist, yoga therapist & counsellor; Founder & Executive Director of Effective Living Inc., a global counselling, k yoga & stress management clinic, which has a unique approach to psychotherapy, counselling, yoga therapy & wellness therapy. He also conducts seminars and workshops for corporate, schools, colleges and various organisations.

His personal / online counselling on family issues, teenagers, parenting, health issues, obesity, slimming, alcoholism and other issues has been a boon to many with 100 % confidentiality assured.

For more details and appointments write to him at or call at: +91-0-9969105310 or +91-0-9987223811. Website:
Dr.Kurien S Thomas
for Effective Living Inc
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